Top 5 Festivals Will Attract Your Attention

Top 5 Festivals Will Attract Your Attention 

We love to get together, to dance, sing, live chat, enjoyment, eat, funny jokes; we want physical as well as mental relaxation that is only possible through festivals. We rush to festivals because we wish to enjoy it. Are you looking for your next travel trip? Do you want to know the best and attractive festivals in the world? Luckily, you come to the right place. Let me give you an idea for your next travel trip by explaining the best festivals in the world. 

1. AgitAgueda Art Festival In Portugal 

AgitAgueda art festival is famous for its installation of hundreds of thousands of umbrellas in the one street of the Agueda city. Cool? These umbrellas hanged and suspended in the street roof for more than three weeks, and many artists perform within the tents to entertain the public. Besides this, stairs,  pool boundaries, Power polls are also painted with different colors to encourage the new artists. Perfect festival for selfie fans! 

2. Carnevale Festival In Italy 

It is known as a mask-wearing and identity cover festival. It is a world-famous festival for its elaborative and stylish masks because this festival hides the status of the participants through different masks. A lot of ( according to estimation, more than three million) people take part in this identity hiding parade. Through this act, they enjoy the moment and get the chance to become part of the ceremony. This mask-wearing parade last more than 15 days, and more than 3 million people around the world travel to Italy for Carnevale. 

3. Boryeong Mud Festival In South Korea 

Are you willing to cover from head to toe with mud? Mud festival sounds funny? Mud festival that is conducted in Boryeong is highly enjoyable, and attract millions of visitors to come and get covered in the mud of Boryeong. According to the Korean people, the mud of Boryeong has healing properties. Love to enjoy mud-facial and body paint with different musical instruments? Boryeong mud festival will also entertain you with hip hop and pop music. Boryeong mud mask entertains you with the Korean-b-boy show on Friday night as well. After getting dirty, you need a shower. Wouldn’t you? Boryeong festival puts the free shower on you to clean your eyes or rest the body. What’s wrong with visiting it? 

4. Pingxi Lantern Festival, Taiwan 

It’s known as a luminous festival in the world because it releases more than 200,000 lanterns into the sky at the start of the new Lunar Year.  People release lanterns with the belief to give up a bad habit with the hope of a positive result. It gives the sky a beautiful sight. Light against dark is the sign of virtue. It’s a general belief of the Taiwanese that lantern is the symbol of hope and good luck that devours your lousy luck. Therefore, they release their good luck lantern to space. Cool to know! 

5. Holi In India And Nepal 

Love to play with colors? Holi provides you a festival of colors. Basically, it is the festival of Hindus. It is celebrated to suppress inner vices and promote good deeds. People gather in the streets, laugh, enjoy, and throw bright colors, water, and powder to each other. Bright colors are the symbol of love and humanity according to the Hindus traditions. Everyone on that day come out from their houses to play with colors and to promote brotherhood and peace. They forgive their enemy on the Holy day. Why not like it?

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