Top 10 Gear Equipment For Festivals 2020

Top 10 Gear Equipment For Festivals

Are you looking for the top 10 festival essential? What does festival equipment mean? Festival equipment is the list of items that saves you from troubles. Why do we drive to festivals? The answer is simple; festivals provide us an opportunity to meet with our favorite bands in one place. As we know, festivals last more than four or five days. Before going to the festival, you should prepare your packing list with the things you must need in the festival. Let me tell you what kind of things you need for festivals.

1.  Solar Or Portable Charger

It is the age of smartphones and especially when you are on the festival you like to share your memories or stories on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchats, and for calls and messages with friends and family throughout the day, you need a fully charged phone that is only possible through the portable charger.

2. Belly Bag

The belly bag is very crucial for your trip and gives you an impressive look even on the dance floor. You can put all your essential items, such as car keys, money, passport, cash, documents, camera, and other valuable things in your belly bag. Always buy a water-resistant belly bag for festivals.

3.  Convenience Canopy

Gone are the days when people put their chairs under the shade of trees or cars and moving their chairs in search of the shadow. Now people bring their canopy or camps for rest. Your tent is your small house where you can rest anytime. Make your camp more inviting and attractive by using rugs or mats.

4. Comfy Shoes

If your feet are comfortable, your all body is in comfort. Now, the question arises what shoes are best to wear in a concert or festival? There are a lot of answers, and the best one is that shoes should be comfy during the dance or walk. If you are short-height, buy a pair of elevator shoes to get rid of the height complex during the dance.

5. Cool Costumes

You can’t enjoy the music festival in routine wise dressing because it gives you a nervous look. Consider some LED jackets or coats to make yourself outstanding like a rockstar.

6. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes? Sound funny? You must bring wet wipes at the festival because they are your emergency shower.

7. Tap Water

If you want to be economical and germ-free during your festival stay, you must bring your tap water with you.

8. Hand Cleaner

Always carry hand sanitizer with you in case of shortage of water, if you want to be hygienic or healthy.

9. Medical Emergency Kit

An emergency kit should be your top priority before setting out to the festival. It will save you from small injuries and ailment etc.

10. Selfie Stick

For the excellent group photo session with friends, you should bring your selfie stick to capture your sweet memories. Enjoy!


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